Hindustani Classical Music in Chicago - Tapan Bhattacharyya


¨       Concert at Durga Puja festival organized by “Probasi” of Toronto, Canada - 1978
Concert organized by Bengali Association of Toronto  - 1979
Raag-Mala Society Concert, Toronto  - 1981
Workshop artist on Indian classical music, Raag-Mala Society of Toronto - 1983
¨       TV Concert in Toronto   - 1983, 1984
Classical Music Society of Ottawa, Canada      - 1982
Workshop leader: “Evolution of Bengali Music” – Bengal Studies Conference, Toronto  - 1984
“Triveni” Music Society, Williamsville, New York      - 1985
Concert at University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario - 1985
Vedanta Society of Memphis, Tennessee   - 1990
¨       TV Concert in “Chitrahar” TV program in Chicago  - 1991
¨       Concert at BAGC Kalipuja, Chicago - 1991
¨       Gandharba Music Concert (TM Group), Bridgeport, CT & Orlando, FL  - 1992

¨       Centenary of Parliament of Religions, Chicago   - 1993
Vedanta Society of Western Washington, Seattle  - 1993
¨       Paper presentation at Bengal Studies Conference, Chicago on Kirtan music  - 1993
¨       Vedanta Society of Western Washington, Seattle  - 1994
¨       Workshop-demonstration on Bengali Tappa at NABC annual conference, Toronto - 1994
¨       ICMS (Indian Classical Music Society) of Chicago  - 1994
¨       Public concert in Toronto as invited artist of “Jhankar” school of classical music  - 1994
¨       Concert at the Williams College, Williamsville, Massachusetts   - 1995
¨       Invited artist at NABC annual conference, Houston - 1996
¨       Bhajan concert at the Vedanta Society of Chicago  - 1997
¨       Concert at Lemont Hindu temple organized by Vedanta Society - 1998
¨       Recital & Lecture on Tagore’s music – invited by the Chicago Cultural Center   - 1998
¨       Concert at the Evanston Unitarian Church and Bharat Samaj Holi Festival  - 1998
¨       Introduction to leaders of Hindustani music in Bombay: Concert at Dr. Banerji’s residence - 1999
¨       ICMS concert, Chicago    - 1999
¨       Public concert in Toronto (organized by “Jhankar” music school)   - 1999
¨       Recital with music group “Jay Jazz Mata” at the Chicago Cultural Center  - 1999
¨       Recital of morning melodies at Washington, D.C. “Sangeet Prabhat” Music group - 2000
¨       Recital organized by “Rag Alapan Corporation, Inc” ( SriTanmoy Bose on tabla) – Chicago, August, 2000
¨       Recitals in Toronto: Jhankar Music School, and Vedanta Society of Toronto – 2001
¨       Solo Recital in Naperville, IL. organized by Dr. Madhusudan  - 2002
¨       Recital in Oakbrook, IL. Accompanied by Nishad Sabir from Hyderabad – 2002
¨       ICMS concert, Chicago  - 2003
¨       Concert in Naperville, IL  - 2004, 2006, 2009
¨       Concert in Chicago, IL  - May 31, 2008 - Sri Annamacharya Festival (SAPNA)
¨       Concert in Bolingbrook, IL  - 2010
¨       World Music Festival, Chicago IL  - 2010


v      Music commentary and liner notes on the CD recordings of the following artists:   (a) Ajay Chakravarty  (b) Shubhra Guha     (c) Fateh Ali Khan  (in preparation).   These albums were produced by India Archives Music, Ltd., New York.
v      Contributed articles on Indian music in the journal of the Raagmala Music Society of Toronto.
v      Paper on “Kirtan” music presented at the Bengal Studies Conference, University of Chicago was published in the Proceedings of the conference.


            (1)    Audiocassette: Thumris & Classical Bhajans   - Toronto, 1989
            (2)    Audiocassette: Semi Classical & devotional Bengali songs  - produced by BAGC, Chicago, 1990
            (3)    CD:  (Khayal, Thumri, Bhajan) produced by Annamacharya Foundation of Flossmoor, IL. – 2001


v      Founded  “Darbari Music School” in 1978 and trained 100+ students in Hindustani vocal classical music in Canada (1978-87) and U.S.A. (1988 -).  Biannual public concerts by students every year since 1978.
v      Music classes (out-of-town) were also held at Toronto, Canada during (1987-90) and Charlottesville, West Virginia (1992).
v      Illinois Arts Council award under Master/Apprentice program for teaching Hindustani vocal music (2000-01, 2002-3, 2004-5, 2006-7, 2008-9)
v      Illinois Arts Council special grant award for writing Bhajan book (2004)

The Darbari Music School, named after the raga Darbari Kanada, was founded by Tapan nearly three decades ago to serve the needs of aspiring music students of Hindusthani classical vocal music.  Lessons are given in a group setting, or on an individual basis.  The instructional syllabus initially consists of: vocal exercises to improve pitch, tonal clarity, voice strength, and singing range; gaining familiarity with the harmonium, the standard instrument for light and classical music, and the tanpura; identification of swara-laya-taal paradigms; practice of swarmalikas to make the student comfortable with the Hindusthani tala system used in pure classical songs (Trital, Jhaptal, Dadra, Rupak, Jhoomra, SulaTaal, Chautal, Dhamar Taal etc).  Subsequently, students are imparted instruction on the melodic structure and interpretation of common ragas, Chota and Bara  Khayals, Tarana, Dhrupad-Dhamar songs with simple layakari, classical Bhajans and sanskrit stutis, Thumri-Dadra, and raga-based sugam geets.  Discussions are also held on the major theoretical aspects and history of Hindustani classical music.  Students are expected to participate in bi-annual concerts to attain mastery in public singing. 
(Contact: 708-957-7135)











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